Hotel Rules

Hotel Sopot**** Rules:


The Terms and Conditions set out the rules for the provision of services, liability and stay in the Hotel and is an integral part of the contract, which is concluded by signing the registration card, as well as by making a reservation or paying an advance or the entire amount due for a stay in the Hotel. By performing the aforementioned actions, the Guest confirms that he/she has read and accepts the terms and conditions of the Regulations. 
(2) The Regulations are binding for all Guests staying at the Hotel Sopot.
(3) The Regulations are available for inspection at the Hotel Reception and for download from the website at
4th The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services to those who do not comply with the Regulations.


(1) The room in the Hotel is rented for hotel nights. A hotel day starts at 15:00 (check-in) and ends at 12:00 the next day (check-out). 
(2) Extension of a hotel day is subject to availability and is only possible upon prior confirmation of such a request at the Reception (additional charges may apply). If you do not check out by the end of the hotel day, the Hotel reserves the right to remove any items left in your room (additional charges may apply) or to automatically extend the day at the current day rate.
(3) In the event of failure to check in by 12:00 noon, the Hotel reserves the right to extend the Guest's stay by a further 24-hour period, provided that a reservation for the rented room has not been made at that time or in advance (thus charging the Guest with the relevant fees), otherwise it will be tantamount to the Guest's consent to enter and vacate the rented room and store the items left in it. In the event of an instruction to dispatch them by the Guest who has checked out, the hotel staff will dispatch them at the expense of the person making the instruction.


(1) The room is only rented to the person or persons who register for the specified room. 
(2) Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. only registered persons are allowed in the room. 
(3) The hotel reserves the right to register room visitors on the basis of a valid identity document. 
(4) The hotel guest may not transfer the room to a third party, even if the period for which he/she has paid the room fee has not expired.
(5) The hotel reserves the right to charge a credit card pre-authorisation at check-in or to collect a cash deposit in the amount due for the entire stay.


(1) At the request of the Guest, the Hotel shall provide a free of charge service of storing personal luggage during the stay. 
(2) Personal belongings left in the room by a Guest who has already checked out shall, on the Guest's request, be sent back to the address indicated by the Guest at the expense of the person ordering the shipment.
(3) If such an instruction is not received, the Hotel will store these items for three months from the date they were left at the Owner's expense, after which they will be destroyed by commission. Food items will be stored for 24 hours.  


(1) The use of the services of the Hotel Sopot shall respect good manners and generally accepted social norms, including the curfew in force from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. 
(2) The use of the Sopot Hotel facilities should be in accordance with its intended use. Each time a Guest leaves the room, for safety reasons, he/she should switch off the TV, turn off the light, close the taps and lock the door.
(3) In the event of behaviour deviating from accepted social norms, aggressive, vulgar behaviour, threatening health and life and safety of hotel property, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services.
(4) In the event of destruction, damage to hotel property, the Guest shall be held financially responsible for the damage thus caused, including both those arising during the Guest's stay and those discovered after the Guest's departure. 
(5) The Hotel reserves the right to charge for the damage incurred to the card given to guarantee payment, informing the Guest of this fact and, on request, providing photographic documentation and an estimate of the repair. 


(1) In the event of notice of damage to property, the Guest should immediately notify the Hotel Reception. 
(2) The Hotel's liability for loss of or damage to money, securities or items of scientific or artistic value is limited unless such items are placed on deposit for safekeeping. The Hotel may refuse to accept for safekeeping the aforementioned items if they pose a threat to security or if, in relation to the size or standard of the Hotel, they are too valuable and take up too much space. 
(3) The Hotel's liability is also limited if the damage was caused by the nature of the item brought in or by force majeure or if it was caused solely by the Guest or a person who accompanied, employed or visited the Guest.


Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Hotel premises. Failure to comply with the prohibition will be tantamount to paying the cost of deodorizing the room in the amount of PLN 1000 gross or a multiple of this amount depending on the time and effort required to remove the smell.
The public areas of the Hotel Sopot are covered by video surveillance to ensure the safety of persons and property. The person accepting these rules and regulations consents to the processing of their image for this purpose. Surveillance data is stored for a period of one month and is only disclosed to entities authorised to do so on the basis of relevant written authorisations.
(3) The hotel accepts stays with animals only by prior arrangement. The person staying with an animal is fully responsible for it. The animal must not disturb other hotel guests or cause a feeling of insecurity.
(4) Animals are only allowed in the areas designated by the hotel. 


(1) Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, we inform you that the controller of your personal data is Hotel Sopot Sp. z o.o. Sp. K with its seat in Sopot (postal code: 81-815), ul. Tatrzańska 19, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Gdańsk - North in Gdańsk, VIII Economic Division of the National Court Register, under KRS No. 624479, NIP 5851474887, REGON 364779487. All information on the Hotel's personal data processing policy is available on the website at The data protection officer can be contacted via e-mail: